atlantis-bahamasThis past week, my family and I went on a trip to Bahamas. My auntie, uncle and two cousins also came along.  Durning my trip I got to do things like swimming with dolphins, went down a shark slide, fed sting ray and lots more. My favorite part was probably going to the private beach on power boat adventures. Our resort was called Atlantis.We went for a week and it definantly wasn’t long enough. I hope sometime we could go back because it was so nice. I will really miss it.


Sports 2015-16

vballI was on the A girls volleyball team this year. My position was middle. It was a great experience and it made me a way better volleyball player. We got the cobra slammm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The coaches were Mr. Fleck and Dustin. I was also on the A team for girls basketball. In basketball my position is post. The coaches were Mr. Johnson and my dad. This year has been a fun year for sports.

My First Blog Post

Hi I am Piper. I am a grade eight in Canada. I love my dogs.  My vballfavourite things to do are volleyball, basketball and dance. But volleyball is life!!!! I also like chicken nugs, #nugsarebae. HMU



I Learn best with pictures and videos. Also if someone demonstrates. What made learning meaningful to me is having fun.

I am not good at writing blogs but I will try. I like doing digital work.